A new benchmark for net zero data accuracy.

Our advanced, automated technology delivers energy and sustainability data that sets new standards for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting.

Energy Data you can rely on for your business, customers, and stakeholders.

Accuracy & Automation

Audit grade energy data.

Industry leading data security

100% data set validation

98% extraction accuracy

Audit-grade data

Over $8.7 billion in spend managed

Scope 1 and 2 specialists

the evidence is clear.

The decisions you make can only ever be as good as the data they’re based on.

But as a multi-site business pushing into a net zero future, your margin for error gets smaller every day. This reality drives us to create a range of modular, automated data solutions that are built on a single foundation: absolute accuracy.

Whether you’re looking to manage your bills more efficiently, measure and report on sustainability performance to reduce your carbon footprint, or optimise your energy spend, we’ll work with you to find the right solution.


Collate and aggregate energy and utility invoices instantly and extract data with audit-grade accuracy for easier bill management and reporting.

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100% of your energy data is scanned for errors and inconsistencies, standardised, and delivered ready to integrate into your enterprise system, so you’re able to see exactly where you can save.

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Create engaging, bespoke reports on your energy use and spend, set baselines and targets, and track emissions to streamline your sustainability performance to global reporting frameworks.

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Manage your energy use, spend, budgeting and forecasting on one user-friendly platform.

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From Data Complexity

To Data Clarity

Meet Optii / Everything you need in one place

A platform to provide unmatched potential

Optii is a user-friendly digital platform that’s revolutionising the way multi-site businesses manage their energy use and spend. It’s your organisation’s single source of the truth; a near real-time, interactive tool to drive informed, effective decision making.

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Accelerate your net zero journey today

Getting to net zero is not a challenge any business should have to face alone. Let us help you find the right partner.

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