Get the full picture of your energy data

Try Optima Technology – extract and validate your energy and sustainability data quickly, easily, and error-free.

Our energy management platform is ideal for all organisations that need to have access to audit-grade energy data for reliable energy management and reporting purposes, such as:

  • TPIs and Brokers
  • Energy Consultants
  • EV charging network managers and operators
  • Energy suppliers
  • Technology providers

The benefits for you

100% data set validation
Supporting effective energy planning
98% extraction accuracy
Implementing evidence-based energy efficiency initiatives
Avoiding overcharges thanks to reliable bill validation
Data collection and analysis in near real-time
Accurate ESG and GHG reporting
Faster, safer and more reliable than manual data collection
Global capabilities
Industry leading data security

Why Optima

Manually gathering data from multiple sources carries an intrinsic margin of error. Missing, obsolete or incorrect information can lead to poor decision making and overlooked opportunities for improvement.

Automated data management is the most reliable way to understand your energy usage, distribution, peak times, tariffs, and more.

By gathering and analysing data in near real-time, Optima provides a level of accuracy and visibility that is simply not achievable with manual data collection.

This allows you to create a plan for energy management that is based on hard evidence, rather than guesswork.

To find out more about how Optima Technology can support you, please complete the form, click GET IN TOUCH and one of our team members will connect with you and arrange a convenient time to have a conversation.

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How it works

Our software collates energy invoices from multiple sources, extracts data with absolute accuracy, scans it for errors, and creates a clear bespoke report.

The report will give you a comprehensive overview of your energy usage, spend, budgeting and forecasting, as well as your carbon emissions.

You will have a clear picture of your energy and sustainability data – with no omissions, errors or inconsistencies – all in one place.

Unlock the potential of accurate data