Manage your energy use, spend, budgeting and forecasting on one user-friendly platform.

Eliminate the risk of manual data collection from multiple sources and manage your energy usage, payments, spend, budgeting and forecasting on a single, user-friendly platform. Embracing Optima Technology will not only put you on a quicker path to net zero emissions; it will save you money on the journey.

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With its comprehensive reporting and audit-grade data, Optii makes energy use visible, accountable, and affordable for nearly 200 market leaders across Australia, the UK, and Europe.


Portfolio management

The Optii analytics dashboard enables data driven decision making across your entire energy portfolio, by breaking your utility use and spend down to the account or site level, making it easy to reference vital details per site for analysis and comparison.


Optii is fully adaptable to your payment requirements and workflows. You can customise payment files to be organisation-wide, departmental, or down to individual sites and payment files can be created in the required format for direct upload to any accounts payable system.


Optii calculates accruals at both portfolio and account levels in near real-time, increasing the reliability of your utility spend forecasts by identifying errors early in the process. Better still, it allows you to access accurate historical data to create and revise budgets in minutes.


In volatile wholesale energy markets, you need to identify the best offer and make decisions fast. Optii procurement functionality allows you to assess supplier bids quickly and accurately. Half hourly and non-half hourly electricity and natural gas accounts can be scrutinised to provide a detailed analysis of the best offer from both an individual account and best overall supplier perspective.

Sustainability Planning

A hidden advantage of doing your part to save the planet is the chance to identify where energy use is costing you money. Optii Carbon Footprint software automatically evaluates all your greenhouse gas emissions to provide a real-world view of your organisation’s carbon footprint and identifies areas of energy wastage across your portfolio. This vital intelligence feeds directly into your net zero strategy, allowing you to set a baseline, identify where and how carbon can be reduced or removed and accurately measure your progress.

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Getting to net zero is not a challenge any business should have to face alone. Let us help you find the right partner.

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