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100% of your energy data is scanned for errors and inconsistencies, standardised, and delivered ready to integrate into your enterprise system, so you’re able to see exactly where you can save.

While most of our competitors are just doing spot checks, Optima Technology validates 100% of your energy data in near real-time.

Validate for Reliability

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When you’re dealing with complex, interrelated data sets, it takes just one piece of information to be incorrect to make it all incorrect. That’s why we check and re-check 100% of your bill and payment data. You simply set your tolerances and our automated systems does the rest. It alerts you to things like missing charges or duplicate bills, improves your payment processes to avoid late fees and provides the information you need to recover overcharges, correct bills, and accrue and create payment files.

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Getting to net zero is not a challenge any business should have to face alone. Let us help you find the right partner.

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